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XMark — An XML Benchmark Project

The Data Generation Tool -- xmlgen

The source code of the data generator XMLgen is public domain.

Platform Version
Win32 0.96 source binary
Linux 0.96 source binary
Solaris 0.96 source binary
IRIX 0.96 source binary

Document of Unit Size (Scaling Factor 1.0)

For your convenience, we provide a ready-made document for a 100 MB experiment. To save bandwidth, it has been compressed with gzip. However, it is still quite large (38 MB) -- so if you are on a slow connection, you might prefer to generate the document with one of the binaries above or compile the source.

Queries and DTD

The benchmark queries are formulated in XQuery, a W3C effort to propose a consensus query language tailored towards the distributed XML documents (See xmlquery.txt). The benchmark DTD can be used initialize the database if necessary.
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